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I have a file called /Users/PortDetect.log on my MacBook Pro, with contents like

Wed Nov 25 18:22:42 2009
--  PortDetect started...

Wed Nov 25 18:23:19 2009
--  PortDetect started...

Who is making this log file? It is in a rather weird location, so I am assuming that it is not something that is part of the OS.

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A quick search on Bing or Google of that filename returned this page as the first result. Have you used a mobile Internet card on this computer? The brand that I'm seeing is T-Mobile Web 'n' Walk.

To uninstall, follow instructions on T-Mobile's website.

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Yes, a USB wireless modem (not T-Mobile, though). However, I stopped using that last month. How can I uninstall this PortDetect thing? – Thilo Nov 27 '09 at 1:57
Questions like these are easily answered by searching the web for "uninstall tmobile web n walk mac software". I've added the page I found to my answer. – Stephen Jennings Nov 27 '09 at 2:38

I removed the portdetect.log file by removing two folders in the /Library/StartUpItems Folder. HWNetMgr and HWPortDetect folders were sent to the trash, then I restarted my Mac. Deleting the log file itself will not work because HWPortDetect will replace it automatically.

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