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I'm using Mint 16. In power management settings, put display to sleep is set to never. I have also uninstalled all of the screen saver packages.

Yet, after 10 minutes the screen goes blank.

How do I determine which process or program is doing this?

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Is the machine going into a different power state, rather than the screensaver blanking the screen? – Big Chris May 23 '14 at 11:08
That's why I'm trying to figure out. Music continues to play, the monitors appear to go into standby (their power lights change color), so I don't think is just a black screen screensaver. – N Rahl May 23 '14 at 17:20
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Use the xset command (from a terminal/xterm/whatever) to turn off the default X11 system screensaver. (Yes, another screensaver setting... this one is a feature from days of yore)

  • show current settings:

    xset q
  • turn screensaver off

    xset s off
  • set screensaver delay to 30 minutes

    xset s 1800

You should be able to put xset s off in your .xinitrc or perhaps in your Window Manager's startup queue.

xset can manipulate many more X11 things, but s and q are my most used options.

You can supply a command-line option to X to turn off screen blanking from the beginning, but that can sometimes be more trouble to discover WHERE to add the option. Honest, it's do-able, just not obvious.

As an additional thing, you can disable the blanking of the text/console too (very handy on my Raspberry Pi's with no keyboard attached)

    setterm -blank 0

This turns off the (also 10 minute!) console blanker. I place this command in /etc/rc.local so it is set during boot, affecting everything thereafter.

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