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I have a DI-Link 614 router.

As WAN connection I have a LAN which has access to internet and I do not manage it. I have 2 computers (PC1, PC2) and 2 devices connected to the router. I have as the router's IP. One computer (PC1) plus the devices use the same network address

I do have communication and static IPs assigned (the router provides the DCHP). These three devices do not have access to the WAN (LAN which I do not manage) but the second PC (PC2) does. So, the IP configurations for PC2 are managed and assigned by the WAN administrators.

What configuration would allow me to:

  1. Have FULL communication between all the nodes (PCs and devices).

  2. Keep the WAN restrictions for PC1 and devices.

Since it does not have a CLI, I am not really sure how to do this.

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