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Basically - once my PC is 'ON' it stays on for hours or even days with no trouble. When I shut it down (none of that hibernate stuff - 100% off) won't turn back on when I hit the 'power' button.

It seems like the way to fix this is to give the computer a good smack...after a few hits, the power button will once again turn on the PC.

I've had this problem for a while now and it seems to be getting worse. I've replaced cases and the problem remains - so I'm fairly confident it's not a bad power-on button.

I want to fix this - but I don't know what is really going on. My guess is that it is a bad power supply. I've completely taken apart and reassembled my computer - it didn't help (so I don't think it is simply a loose cable somewhere).

Does this sound like a PS issue? Is it possible my motherboard is at fault? Is there any way for me to test these things without purchasing new hardware?

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It sounds like a discipline problem ... give it a really good smack.

No, no, more seriously, it may be a faulty connection (a dry solder joint?) caused by cooling from operating temperature to room temperature. What's the ambient temperatue there?

This kind of fault may be diagnosed if you apply a electronic 'freeze spray' to selected parts of the PC one at a time, while it's running, so the faulty component or connection is cooled and behaves as if the PC has been switched off for a while.

All the parts you mentioned would be potential candidates. Either take the PC to a repair person or try yourself with 'freeze spray' from an electronics DIY retailer.

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Do you know how hot your computer runs on average? I've seen cases where someone wasn't careful when processing video on their laptop and ended up sustaining 200°F for a minute or two, causing erratic behavior from then on until it finally died 3 months later.

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I don't know how hot it gets - but I can say that it's never shut itself down or had a BSOD. This problem has been going on for 8-9 months now and my computer is very stable. Once it turns on, it acts as my media server almost 24/7 and then works great when I play games like WoW on it. The reason I'm trying to fix it now is that I'm getting a computer desk and reaching in and smacking the back of the PC is going to be awfully difficutl – Rob Nov 28 '09 at 6:24

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