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How can I look up new TLDs, such as .email, .guru, etc., using the whois command in linux?

Running whois on a new TLD only gives the response:

No whois server is known for this kind of object.
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You can manually configure the whois servers for the new TLDs. I made a blogpost about this.

Just create the file /etc/whois.conf and add the following content and you will be able to look up the new TLDs:

# WHOIS servers for new TLDs (http://www.iana.org/domains/root/db)
# Current as of 2014-09-02

\.ac$ whois.nic.ac
\.academy$ whois.donuts.co
\.accountants$ whois.donuts.co
\.active$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.actor$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.ae$ whois.aeda.net.ae
\.aero$ whois.aero
\.af$ whois.nic.af
\.ag$ whois.nic.ag
\.agency$ whois.donuts.co
\.ai$ whois.ai
\.airforce$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.am$ whois.amnic.net
\.archi$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.army$ whois.rightside.co
\.arpa$ whois.iana.org
\.as$ whois.nic.as
\.asia$ whois.nic.asia
\.associates$ whois.donuts.co
\.at$ whois.nic.at
\.attorney$ whois.rightside.co
\.au$ whois.audns.net.au
\.auction$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.audio$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.autos$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.aw$ whois.nic.aw
\.ax$ whois.ax
\.bar$ whois.nic.bar
\.bargains$ whois.donuts.co
\.bayern$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.be$ whois.dns.be
\.beer$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.berlin$ whois.nic.berlin
\.best$ whois.nic.best
\.bg$ whois.register.bg
\.bi$ whois1.nic.bi
\.bid$ whois.nic.bid
\.bike$ whois.donuts.co
\.bio$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.biz$ whois.biz
\.bj$ whois.nic.bj
\.black$ whois.afilias.net
\.blackfriday$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.blue$ whois.afilias.net
\.bmw$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.bn$ whois.bn
\.bnpparibas$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.bo$ whois.nic.bo
\.boutique$ whois.donuts.co
\.br$ whois.registro.br
\.brussels$ whois.nic.brussels
\.build$ whois.nic.build
\.builders$ whois.donuts.co
\.business$ whois.donuts.co
\.bw$ whois.nic.net.bw
\.by$ whois.cctld.by
\.bzh$ whois-bzh.nic.fr
\.ca$ whois.cira.ca
\.cab$ whois.donuts.co
\.camera$ whois.donuts.co
\.camp$ whois.donuts.co
\.cancerresearch$ whois.nic.cancerresearch
\.capetown$ capetown-whois.registry.net.za
\.capital$ whois.donuts.co
\.cards$ whois.donuts.co
\.care$ whois.donuts.co
\.career$ whois.nic.career
\.careers$ whois.donuts.co
\.cash$ whois.donuts.co
\.cat$ whois.cat
\.catering$ whois.donuts.co
\.cc$ ccwhois.verisign-grs.com
\.center$ whois.donuts.co
\.ceo$ whois.nic.ceo
\.cern$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.cf$ whois.dot.cf
\.ch$ whois.nic.ch
\.cheap$ whois.donuts.co
\.christmas$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.church$ whois.donuts.co
\.ci$ whois.nic.ci
\.city$ whois.donuts.co
\.cl$ whois.nic.cl
\.claims$ whois.donuts.co
\.cleaning$ whois.donuts.co
\.click$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.clinic$ whois.donuts.co
\.clothing$ whois.donuts.co
\.club$ whois.nic.club
\.cn$ whois.cnnic.cn
\.co$ whois.nic.co
\.codes$ whois.donuts.co
\.coffee$ whois.donuts.co
\.college$ whois.centralnic.com
\.cologne$ whois-fe1.pdt.cologne.tango.knipp.de
\.com$ whois.verisign-grs.com
\.community$ whois.donuts.co
\.company$ whois.donuts.co
\.computer$ whois.donuts.co
\.condos$ whois.donuts.co
\.construction$ whois.donuts.co
\.consulting$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.contractors$ whois.donuts.co
\.cooking$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.cool$ whois.donuts.co
\.coop$ whois.nic.coop
\.country$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.credit$ whois.donuts.co
\.creditcard$ whois.donuts.co
\.cruises$ whois.donuts.co
\.cuisinella$ whois.nic.cuisinella
\.cx$ whois.nic.cx
\.cymru$ whois.nic.cymru
\.cz$ whois.nic.cz
\.dance$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.dating$ whois.donuts.co
\.de$ whois.denic.de
\.deals$ whois.donuts.co
\.degree$ whois.rightside.co
\.democrat$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.dental$ whois.donuts.co
\.dentist$ whois.rightside.co
\.desi$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.diamonds$ whois.donuts.co
\.diet$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.digital$ whois.donuts.co
\.direct$ whois.donuts.co
\.directory$ whois.donuts.co
\.discount$ whois.donuts.co
\.dk$ whois.dk-hostmaster.dk
\.dm$ whois.nic.dm
\.domains$ whois.donuts.co
\.durban$ durban-whois.registry.net.za
\.dz$ whois.nic.dz
\.ec$ whois.nic.ec
\.edu$ whois.educause.edu
\.education$ whois.donuts.co
\.ee$ whois.tld.ee
\.email$ whois.donuts.co
\.engineer$ whois.rightside.co
\.engineering$ whois.donuts.co
\.enterprises$ whois.donuts.co
\.equipment$ whois.donuts.co
\.es$ whois.nic.es
\.estate$ whois.donuts.co
\.eu$ whois.eu
\.eus$ whois.eus.coreregistry.net
\.events$ whois.donuts.co
\.exchange$ whois.donuts.co
\.expert$ whois.donuts.co
\.exposed$ whois.donuts.co
\.fail$ whois.donuts.co
\.farm$ whois.donuts.co
\.feedback$ whois.centralnic.com
\.fi$ whois.fi
\.finance$ whois.donuts.co
\.financial$ whois.donuts.co
\.fish$ whois.donuts.co
\.fishing$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.fitness$ whois.donuts.co
\.flights$ whois.donuts.co
\.florist$ whois.donuts.co
\.fo$ whois.nic.fo
\.foo$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.foundation$ whois.donuts.co
\.fr$ whois.nic.fr
\.frogans$ whois-frogans.nic.fr
\.fund$ whois.donuts.co
\.furniture$ whois.donuts.co
\.futbol$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.gal$ whois.gal.coreregistry.net
\.gallery$ whois.donuts.co
\.gbiz$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.gd$ whois.nic.gd
\.gent$ whois.nic.gent
\.gg$ whois.gg
\.gi$ whois2.afilias-grs.net
\.gift$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.gifts$ whois.donuts.co
\.gives$ whois.rightside.co
\.gl$ whois.nic.gl
\.glass$ whois.donuts.co
\.global$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.globo$ whois.gtlds.nic.br
\.gmail$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.gop$ whois-cl01.mm-registry.com
\.gov$ whois.dotgov.gov
\.graphics$ whois.donuts.co
\.gratis$ whois.donuts.co
\.green$ whois.afilias.net
\.gripe$ whois.donuts.co
\.gs$ whois.nic.gs
\.guide$ whois.donuts.co
\.guitars$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.guru$ whois.donuts.co
\.gy$ whois.registry.gy
\.hamburg$ whois.nic.hamburg
\.haus$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.healthcare$ whois.donuts.co
\.help$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.hiphop$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.hiv$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.hk$ whois.hkirc.hk
\.hn$ whois.nic.hn
\.holdings$ whois.donuts.co
\.holiday$ whois.donuts.co
\.homes$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.horse$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.host$ whois.nic.host
\.hosting$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.house$ whois.donuts.co
\.how$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.hr$ whois.dns.hr
\.ht$ whois.nic.ht
\.hu$ whois.nic.hu
\.id$ whois.pandi.or.id
\.ie$ whois.domainregistry.ie
\.il$ whois.isoc.org.il
\.im$ whois.nic.im
\.immo$ whois.donuts.co
\.immobilien$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.in$ whois.inregistry.net
\.industries$ whois.donuts.co
\.info$ whois.afilias.net
\.ink$ whois.centralnic.com
\.institute$ whois.donuts.co
\.insure$ whois.donuts.co
\.int$ whois.iana.org
\.international$ whois.donuts.co
\.investments$ whois.donuts.co
\.io$ whois.nic.io
\.iq$ whois.cmc.iq
\.ir$ whois.nic.ir
\.is$ whois.isnic.is
\.it$ whois.nic.it
\.je$ whois.je
\.jobs$ jobswhois.verisign-grs.com
\.joburg$ joburg-whois.registry.net.za
\.jp$ whois.jprs.jp
\.juegos$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.kaufen$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.ke$ whois.kenic.or.ke
\.kg$ whois.domain.kg
\.ki$ whois.nic.ki
\.kim$ whois.afilias.net
\.kitchen$ whois.donuts.co
\.kiwi$ whois.nic.kiwi
\.koeln$ whois-fe1.pdt.koeln.tango.knipp.de
\.kr$ whois.kr
\.krd$ whois.aridnrs.net.au
\.kred$ whois.nic.kred
\.kz$ whois.nic.kz
\.la$ whois.nic.la
\.lacaixa$ whois.nic.lacaixa
\.land$ whois.donuts.co
\.lawyer$ whois.rightside.co
\.lease$ whois.donuts.co
\.lgbt$ whois.afilias.net
\.li$ whois.nic.li
\.life$ whois.donuts.co
\.lighting$ whois.donuts.co
\.limited$ whois.donuts.co
\.limo$ whois.donuts.co
\.link$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.loans$ whois.donuts.co
\.london$ whois-lon.mm-registry.com
\.lotto$ whois.afilias.net
\.lt$ whois.domreg.lt
\.ltda$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.lu$ whois.dns.lu
\.luxe$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.luxury$ whois.nic.luxury
\.lv$ whois.nic.lv
\.ly$ whois.nic.ly
\.ma$ whois.iam.net.ma
\.maison$ whois.donuts.co
\.management$ whois.donuts.co
\.mango$ whois.mango.coreregistry.net
\.market$ whois.rightside.co
\.marketing$ whois.donuts.co
\.md$ whois.nic.md
\.me$ whois.nic.me
\.media$ whois.donuts.co
\.meet$ whois.afilias.net
\.melbourne$ whois.aridnrs.net.au
\.menu$ whois.nic.menu
\.mg$ whois.nic.mg
\.miami$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.mini$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.mk$ whois.marnet.mk
\.ml$ whois.dot.ml
\.mn$ whois.nic.mn
\.mo$ whois.monic.mo
\.mobi$ whois.dotmobiregistry.net
\.moda$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.monash$ whois.nic.monash
\.mortgage$ whois.rightside.co
\.moscow$ whois.nic.moscow
\.motorcycles$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.mp$ whois.nic.mp
\.ms$ whois.nic.ms
\.mu$ whois.nic.mu
\.museum$ whois.museum
\.mx$ whois.mx
\.my$ whois.mynic.my
\.na$ whois.na-nic.com.na
\.nagoya$ whois.gmoregistry.net
\.name$ whois.nic.name
\.navy$ whois.rightside.co
\.nc$ whois.nc
\.net$ whois.verisign-grs.com
\.network$ whois.donuts.co
\.nf$ whois.nic.nf
\.ng$ whois.nic.net.ng
\.ngo$ whois.publicinterestregistry.net
\.ninja$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.nl$ whois.domain-registry.nl
\.no$ whois.norid.no
\.nra$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.nrw$ whois.nic.nrw
\.nu$ whois.iis.nu
\.nyc$ whois.nic.nyc
\.nz$ whois.srs.net.nz
\.okinawa$ whois.gmoregistry.ne
\.om$ whois.registry.om
\.onl$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.ooo$ whois.nic.ooo
\.org$ whois.pir.org
\.organic$ whois.afilias.net
\.ovh$ whois-ovh.nic.fr
\.paris$ whois-paris.nic.fr
\.partners$ whois.donuts.co
\.parts$ whois.donuts.co
\.pe$ kero.yachay.pe
\.pf$ whois.registry.pf
\.photo$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.photography$ whois.donuts.co
\.photos$ whois.donuts.co
\.physio$ whois.nic.physio
\.pics$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.pictures$ whois.donuts.co
\.pink$ whois.afilias.net
\.pizza$ whois.donuts.co
\.pl$ whois.dns.pl
\.place$ whois.donuts.co
\.plumbing$ whois.donuts.co
\.pm$ whois.nic.pm
\.post$ whois.dotpostregistry.net
\.pr$ whois.nic.pr
\.press$ whois.nic.press
\.pro$ whois.dotproregistry.net
\.productions$ whois.donuts.co
\.properties$ whois.donuts.co
\.property$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.pt$ whois.dns.pt
\.pub$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.pw$ whois.nic.pw
\.qa$ whois.registry.qa
\.qpon$ whois.nic.qpon
\.quebec$ whois.quebec.rs.corenic.net
\.re$ whois.nic.re
\.recipes$ whois.donuts.co
\.red$ whois.afilias.net
\.rehab$ whois.rightside.co
\.reise$ whois.nic.reise
\.reisen$ whois.donuts.co
\.rentals$ whois.donuts.co
\.repair$ whois.donuts.co
\.report$ whois.donuts.co
\.republican$ whois.rightside.co
\.rest$ whois.centralnic.com
\.restaurant$ whois.donuts.co
\.reviews$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.rich$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.rio$ whois.gtlds.nic.br
\.ro$ whois.rotld.ro
\.rocks$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.rodeo$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.rs$ whois.rnids.rs
\.ru$ whois.tcinet.ru
\.ruhr$ whois.nic.ruhr
\.sa$ whois.nic.net.sa
\.saarland$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.sarl$ whois.donuts.co
\.sb$ whois.nic.net.sb
\.sc$ whois2.afilias-grs.net
\.sca$ whois.nic.sca
\.scb$ whois.nic.scb
\.schmidt$ whois.nic.schmidt
\.schule$ whois.donuts.co
\.scot$ whois.scot.coreregistry.net
\.se$ whois.iis.se
\.services$ whois.donuts.co
\.sexy$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.sg$ whois.sgnic.sg
\.sh$ whois.nic.sh
\.shiksha$ whois.afilias.net
\.shoes$ whois.donuts.co
\.si$ whois.arnes.si
\.singles$ whois.donuts.co
\.sk$ whois.sk-nic.sk
\.sm$ whois.nic.sm
\.sn$ whois.nic.sn
\.so$ whois.nic.so
\.social$ whois.unitedtld.com
\.software$ whois.rightside.co
\.sohu$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.solar$ whois.donuts.co
\.solutions$ whois.donuts.co
\.soy$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.space$ whois.nic.space
\.spiegel$ whois.ksregistry.net
\.st$ whois.nic.st
\.su$ whois.tcinet.ru
\.supplies$ whois.donuts.co
\.supply$ whois.donuts.co
\.support$ whois.donuts.co
\.surf$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.surgery$ whois.donuts.co
\.sx$ whois.sx
\.sy$ whois.tld.sy
\.systems$ whois.donuts.co
\.tatar$ whois.nic.tatar
\.tattoo$ whois.uniregistry.net
\.tax$ whois.donuts.co
\.tc$ whois.meridiantld.net
\.technology$ whois.donuts.co
\.tel$ whois.nic.tel
\.tf$ whois.nic.tf
\.th$ whois.thnic.co.th
\.tienda$ whois.donuts.co
\.tips$ whois.donuts.co
\.tirol$ whois.nic.tirol
\.tk$ whois.dot.tk
\.tl$ whois.nic.tl
\.tm$ whois.nic.tm
\.tn$ whois.ati.tn
\.to$ whois.tonic.to
\.today$ whois.donuts.co
\.tokyo$ whois.nic.tokyo
\.tools$ whois.donuts.co
\.top$ whois.nic.top
\.town$ whois.donuts.co
\.toys$ whois.donuts.co
\.tr$ whois.nic.tr
\.trade$ whois.nic.trade
\.training$ whois.donuts.co
\.travel$ whois.nic.travel
\.tv$ tvwhois.verisign-grs.com
\.tw$ whois.twnic.net.tw
\.tz$ whois.tznic.or.tz
\.ua$ whois.ua
\.ug$ whois.co.ug
\.uk$ whois.nic.uk
\.university$ whois.donuts.co
\.uol$ whois.gtlds.nic.br
\.us$ whois.nic.us
\.uy$ whois.nic.org.uy
\.uz$ whois.cctld.uz
\.vacations$ whois.donuts.co
\.vc$ whois2.afilias-grs.net
\.ve$ whois.nic.ve
\.vegas$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.ventures$ whois.donuts.co
\.versicherung$ whois.nic.versicherung
\.vet$ whois.rightside.co
\.vg$ ccwhois.ksregistry.net
\.viajes$ whois.donuts.co
\.villas$ whois.donuts.co
\.vision$ whois.donuts.co
\.vlaanderen$ whois.nic.vlaanderen
\.vodka$ whois-dub.mm-registry.com
\.vote$ whois.afilias.net
\.voting$ whois.voting.tld-box.at
\.voto$ whois.afilias.net
\.voyage$ whois.donuts.co
\.vu$ vunic.vu
\.wales$ whois.nic.wales
\.wang$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.watch$ whois.donuts.co
\.webcam$ whois.nic.webcam
\.website$ whois.nic.website
\.wed$ whois.nic.wed
\.wf$ whois.nic.wf
\.wien$ whois.nic.wien
\.wiki$ whois.nic.wiki
\.works$ whois.donuts.co
\.ws$ whois.website.ws
\.wtc$ whois.nic.wtc
\.wtf$ whois.donuts.co
\.xn--1qqw23a$ whois.ngtld.cn
\.xn--3bst00m$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.xn--3ds443g$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.xn--3e0b707e$ whois.kr
\.xn--4gbrim$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.xn--55qw42g$ whois.conac.cn
\.xn--55qx5d$ whois.ngtld.cn
\.xn--6frz82g$ whois.afilias.net
\.xn--6qq986b3xl$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.xn--80adxhks$ whois.nic.xn--80adxhks
\.xn--80ao21a$ whois.nic.kz
\.xn--80asehdb$ whois.online.rs.corenic.net
\.xn--80aswg$ whois.site.rs.corenic.net
\.xn--c1avg$ whois.publicinterestregistry.net
\.xn--cg4bki$ whois.kr
\.xn--clchc0ea0b2g2a9gcd$ whois.sgnic.sg
\.xn--czru2d$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.xn--d1acj3b$ whois.nic.xn--d1acj3b
\.xn--fiq228c5hs$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.xn--fiq64b$ whois.gtld.knet.cn
\.xn--fiqs8s$ cwhois.cnnic.cn
\.xn--fiqz9s$ cwhois.cnnic.cn
\.xn--i1b6b1a6a2e$ whois.publicinterestregistry.net
\.xn--io0a7i$ whois.ngtld.cn
\.xn--j1amh$ whois.dotukr.com
\.xn--j6w193g$ whois.hkirc.hk
\.xn--kprw13d$ whois.twnic.net.tw
\.xn--kpry57d$ whois.twnic.net.tw
\.xn--lgbbat1ad8j$ whois.nic.dz
\.xn--mgb9awbf$ whois.registry.om
\.xn--mgba3a4f16a$ whois.nic.ir
\.xn--mgbaam7a8h$ whois.aeda.net.ae
\.xn--mgbab2bd$ whois.bazaar.coreregistry.net
\.xn--mgberp4a5d4ar$ whois.nic.net.sa
\.xn--mgbx4cd0ab$ whois.mynic.my
\.xn--ngbc5azd$ whois.nic.xn--ngbc5azd
\.xn--nqv7f$ whois.publicinterestregistry.net
\.xn--nqv7fs00ema$ whois.publicinterestregistry.net
\.xn--o3cw4h$ whois.thnic.co.th
\.xn--ogbpf8fl$ whois.tld.sy
\.xn--p1ai$ whois.tcinet.ru
\.xn--q9jyb4c$ domain-registry-whois.l.google.com
\.xn--rhqv96g$ whois.nic.xn--rhqv96g
\.xn--unup4y$ whois.donuts.co
\.xn--vhquv$ whois.donuts.co
\.xn--wgbl6a$ whois.registry.qa
\.xn--xhq521b$ whois.ngtld.cn
\.xn--yfro4i67o$ whois.sgnic.sg
\.xn--ygbi2ammx$ whois.pnina.ps
\.xn--zfr164b$ whois.conac.cn
\.xxx$ whois.nic.xxx
\.xyz$ whois.nic.xyz
\.yachts$ whois.afilias-srs.net
\.yt$ whois.nic.yt
\.zm$ whois.nic.zm
\.zone$ whois.donuts.co


The whois.conf is using regular expressions.

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Wow, thanks! Can you tell me what source you get this information from? I imagine this list will become dated over time. –  Paul Jun 16 '14 at 18:13
iana.org/domains/root/db just click on the domain –  thde Jun 17 '14 at 8:00
I scripted harvesting the WHOIS servers from the latest IANA data and have updated this answer. –  Royce Williams Jul 30 '14 at 23:03
Is that necessary? Because whois is able to resolve the older gTLDs... –  thde Jul 31 '14 at 14:58
Different versions of whois have different snapshots of whois servers, so different people would need different lists -- especially if they're stuck on an older distro for some reason. Using the entire list every time makes it work for everyone. Also, it is much easier to simply harvest all of them. :-) –  Royce Williams Jul 31 '14 at 17:16

If you are using the standard linux client, the definitions have not been updated yet to include the new TLDS.

You have two possible solutions:

  1. Grab the list of all new gTLDs and pass the whois host as parameter to the whois client
  2. Use an alternative client. I'm currently doing my best to keep the Ruby WHOIS client in sync with the new gTLDs, so you can use it. It also offers a CLI.
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I'm not sure where to grab a list of all new gTLDs and I'm not sure how to pass the whois host as parameter to the whois client. I don't have Ruby installed on my server. This isn't a good answer. –  Paul May 26 '14 at 2:46
Here is Simone's list of whois hosts for tlds, here is a copy of the whois man page . –  Kelly Thomas May 26 '14 at 4:01
IANA's Root Zone Database includes whois servers, along with other information for TLDs. (It's near the bottom of a TLD's entry.) –  Matt Nordhoff May 26 '14 at 5:30

Most whois clients hard-code the TLD whos servers, instead of actively retrieving the whois server from IANA when performing for a TLD that is not already known to the client.

I have built my own online whois lookup tool you can use http://gwhois.org/ that supports all TLDs and IP addresses since all lookups start at IANA and then traverse to the registry and registrar as needed.

I have also spent a lot of time building an intelligent whois parser that displays the whois data in a user-friendly manner.

Example screenshots:


screenshot 2

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Thank you for this, since I don't run Ruby, this answer would work better for me. I run Ubuntu Server 12.04 and it looks like the gwhois package requires an additional 25 packages to be installed from official repository. Not that I would miss the ~4.4MB of storage, are all these really necessary for the package to run correctly? –  Paul May 25 '14 at 21:32
Oh. Gwhois.org is not related to the 'gwhois' packages on Linux. Sorry for the confusion –  iglvzx May 25 '14 at 21:33
Okay, that can work, but no command line tool? I'm hoping to solve the command line issue somehow. –  Paul May 25 '14 at 21:37
No command line tool at this time. I didn't catch that part of your question. I've been thinking about making a command line tool, though. I suppose you can follow my blog (listed on GWhois.org) for updates. –  iglvzx May 25 '14 at 21:41
Yeah. The main reason why I decided to build my own whois tool was because I was not satisfied with any of the solutions already out there. :) –  iglvzx May 25 '14 at 21:47

You can easily get the right whois server from IANA directly by:

whois .de -h whois.iana.org | egrep -e '^whois:' | sed -e 's/\s\s*/ /g' | cut -d " " -f 2

This is the example for ".de" TLD

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This appears to work for most new tlds:

Server hostname is in the form: whois.nic.newtldname


whois -h whois.nic.host example.host

"This name is reserved by the Registry in accordance with ICANN Policy." etc etc etc

Also, browsing to http://nic.newtldname typically takes you to the Registry / Launch page.

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