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I have recently started using symlinks to organise my folders on my PC but I do not like the Windows shortcut icon overlaying the link.

Symlink shortcut icon overlay

I have seen tutorials for removing the icon from shortcuts (I imagine this will also apply to symlinks but admittedly have not tried it yet). However these tutorials remove the overlay icon from ALL shortcuts; I only want to perform it on specific links (symlinks and not actual shortucts).

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Those icon overlays can be customized. You could hide/change those associated with symbolic links and directory junctions while keeping the regular shortcuts ones. – and31415 May 27 '14 at 8:06

^to Fergus: that won't change the overlay but only the main icon

^to Jonny Wright: I haven't tried it myself but this seems worth of trying: Link Shell Extension

It allows choosing/disabling overlay icon for symbolic links. If disabling it won't work, you might consider using a custom "blank" overlay icon as a workaround.

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