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I'd like to know if it will work:

I have my domain and I'm serving a webpage in a nginx to the internet, but if I type my domain in my laptop inside LAN I access to my modem/router configuration, I cannot access to the web server unless I type the IP address. I would like to add a Bind server after the modem/router -> (port forward, ports 80 and 5060), if the request is bind should resolve the nginx IP address and serve it, and if it is a voip request should address to the voip server and if I'd like to access to the website from inside LAN I'd like to type Could I do it with this configuration? Do I need something else?

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Easiest way to achieve this, without having to run your own bind server, is to go with a ddns provider (like you can get a free domain or pay for one you want. Then all you do is install the update client on your webserver ( or if your router supports it, you can configure the updates on it) this will tell the noip dns server that your public ip a dress has changed. This makes your webserver internet addressable from anywhere on the interwebs to the domain of your choosing (

As long as your port forward from your router correctly, you can set http requests to go to your webserver and voip requests to go to your voip server

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