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I recently downloaded a video file in FLV format. However at present I am unable to copy, move, or even delete the file.

Is there any way to remove it? AVG doesnt show any infections, File Shredder hangs when I try to use it to remove the file.

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Try with Unlocker, maybe the file is locked by another program.

Sometimes, you just need to reboot the computer.

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Windows Vista and 7 have some random bugs with file operations. One of them I have is if I copy or delete, the icon sometimes stays even when it is no longer there.

Simply click an empty space on your desktop then press F5 to refresh the screen.

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thnx wil bt nthing lyk it my case – Raghav Bali Nov 29 '09 at 12:47

u can try safe mode, i believe that it will be deleted in this way..

Safe Mode:

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