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A while back I installed Ubuntu and then later uninstalled it by I think deleting the partitions and recovering the windows 7 boot loader. I am not that experienced with partitioning yet. As you can see here there are two partitions that are now unallocated.

enter image description here

The 9gb one is a recovery or something that came with the computer. How can I extend my C partition to use both of those? I do not want to have that much storage just wasted sitting there.

Currently when I right click on C and hit extend the wizard pops up but there is no available space to extend.

enter image description here

Thanks everyone!

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Thank you Jason Aller for turning my links into pictures! It said I couldn't post pictures without a certain amount of posts or something. – user327777 May 30 '14 at 11:33
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Press Win + R to get the run box, type diskmgmt.msc and press enter.

  • Just click with right mouse button on the Ubuntu partition, and choose to Delete Volume.
  • If Windows 7 was preinstalled on your computer, please ensure you don't remove recovery partitions, etc.

  • The space formerly occupied by Linux should now say "Unallocated".

  • And Now Right-click on C: and "Extend Volume" to increase the size of drive C using the unallocated space.

  • If you were using grub to dual-boot (most probably), then you may need the windows CD to fix the boot manager and make Windows 7 bootable again.

How to fix your boot manager :

  1. boot your system using windows installation cd
  2. go to "repair your system"
  3. use command prompt
  4. type bootrec /fixboot then hit enter
  5. type bootrec /fixmbr then hit enter
  6. exit

This time your system will boot directly into windows.

This is the safe way to uninstall Ubuntu.

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