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I have a Purity Pro headset which works fine when connected via Bluetooth to my Windows Phone, but when connecting it to my Windows 8 laptop, it comes configured as "headphones" and thus I only get audio in and the mike is not even an option. In Device Manager, Audio inputs and outputs, I see icons for both Headphones" and "Headset Microphone", and both are said to be operational. Under Sound, video and game controllers, I see "Bluetooth Hands-free Audio" which is also running fine. When my headset connects, Windows and the volume button show it as Headphones, even though I also have Headset, and in Audio Devices, I have "Headphones" set as the default under Playback which works fine, and under Recording I have Headset Microphone set as the default, but it gets no audio, the bars don't move, etc. Even when I try to setup Speech Recognition, the mike test does nothing.

Any ideas?

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