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I have a very annoying problem with my PC.

It's specifications are as follows:

Model: ASUS N55SF Notebook
Processor: i7 2670QM 2.20 GHz
Graphics Card: GT 555M 2 GB

My issue is that I get black screen while gaming and dots appear that are sometimes red, sometimes green, and sometimes multiple colors. These dots are moving around on the left side of the screen. I need to shutdown the PC manually to get rid of the issue.

I've tried the following:

Formatting the PC
Cleaning the dust from my PC
Changing thermal paste

I didn't have the problem for 2 weeks, but now the problem has started happening again.

Some additional info pertaining to the temperatures:

The processor while gaming: 91°C max
The GPU while gaming: 76°C max
The processor under normal use: 40->50°C
The GPU under normal use: 36->40°C

One other thing , when the black screen occurs , i tried to shake the pc and suddenly the black screen disappear i don't really understand :/ !

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