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I'm trying to download ProTeXt-3.1.3-060313.exe.

When I use my browsers to download it, it downloads about 20KB/s.

Than I found torrent file of the same program. I'm downloading it with 1.7MB/s now.
What causes my browsers to behave like this?

I tried IE, Chrome and Firefox. All the same.

Edit: It starts with 600KB/s but drops to 20KB/s in seconds.

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Do you get the same issue when you download other files from different websites? –  and31415 Jun 1 at 9:44
Yes, same thing happens. –  cagirici Jun 1 at 10:04
Did you try restarting your router? If you have downloaded from the same domain, there is a chance that they are limiting your bandwidth. –  Varaquilex Jun 1 at 10:28

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