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I have a computer with 12 GB of RAM and Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. I am using this as a game server hosting system, and 2 weeks ago, the RAM usage (from Task Manager) was 4.7 GB. Right now, I am running the same amount of programs and the collective RAM usage of all of them has stayed the same. But over the 2 weeks, I have noticed that the RAM usage has been slowly increasing, and it is 11.2 GB right now. This 6.5 GB seems to be coming out of nowhere!

So I ran RAMmap from Sysinternals today. Results:
enter image description here

Over the 2 weeks, "Process Private" usage has definitely remained the same and not changed by more than 0.2 GB. It's clearly not the actual processes, and the "Paged pool" usage looks suspicious, because it's 6.4 GB. That's exactly how much the increase was. What programs are using this paged pool RAM, and whose fault is it, the OS or the applications?

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