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I need a program that will use a list of file names to find a folder on my hard drive that contains the most of these filenames.

Long story short I made a giant map. This map was live and got ruined. New map data files have been generated, and previous map data files have been altered. What does this mean? This means file sizes have been changed, and there will be new files that have never been in the backup folder. Some files map files could also have been generated in other projects. So there could be filenames on my computer not associated with this due to the way the files are named when created. So If I take an indidual file for example "r.-1.-1.mca" This file could show up on my hard drive 10 times.

Anyway, the goal is to take 100 map files, turn them into a list, and then search the hard drive and find the folder that has the highest count of matching map file names.

Can anyone figure out a way to do this?

I am thinking about manually searching for every single file.

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You could try something like Agent Ransack using a semi-colon separated list of file names, e.g. file1.mca;file2.mca; etc. then Export to Excel using CSV. –  snowdude Jun 2 '14 at 17:23

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