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Is there a software program for a company who publishes a newsletter with advertisers in it. One that keeps track of sales of advertisers, payments to salesforce, layouts/copy for the publication, accounting. Is there one program that takes care of all of that or are their seprate programs for each?

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I reckon you definitely are not going to find a single monolithic software which does such a specific task. You will need to shop around for multiple softwares to do each task.

You will need to get a graphics software to create the newsletter. How are you printing the actual newsletter ? Contact your production printer manufacturer and ask them whats the preferred software and format to integrate with that printer.

There are alot of accounting and customer relationship management software in the market. Again, shop around to get the best software according to your requirement. Also note that sometimes, purchasing software developed in your region might be cheaper than buying from famous brands.

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Anything dealing with financial records or accounting can usually be dealt with by a program such a QuickBooks, or one of the similar competing products. Microsoft Excel (or similar) is also another good program for financial analysis, but it is a good tool to use with QuickBooks, not instead of QuickBooks.

If you want to keep track of other "records" type data, such as customers or product inventory, you can use a variety of database systems from Microsoft Access or FileMaker, all the way through enterprise-level systems such as Oracle. Databases are simply a means to store information in a manner that makes it easy to store, retrieve, and use.as

With the above scenarios, there is a lot of overlap in what the various tools can accomplish. For instance, some accounting applications will also allow you to track customers and inventory, and some database systems have application built that do the same.

For page layouts/copy, you have a few choices. You can use a specialized layout program, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. With these, you can create anything from a 1-page newsletter to books or magazines. You can also use a more general layout program such as Microsoft Publisher, which has similar features to above, but with a slightly different target audience. You could also use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer.

All that said, you didn't give enough details in your request to make more specific recommendations, but I would say that most small businesses can (and probably do) get by with a combination of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. You can cover a lot of bases with these, especially if you purchase the more "full-featured" versions of the software.

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