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Any service like HushMail or CryptoMail?

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We built to show off our full web-based PKI system.

We distribute RSA Key pairs to each user by hiding them inside of digital images and placing them on the user's box. We operate on the image and the crypto-keys with flash web widgets which allows us to do end point encryption. encrypts all attachments and a private note at the end point and decrypts the message only at the receiver's machine.

You can go send a few messages for free at to see how you like it.


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Building off of the GnuPG suggestion, using Thunderbird in conjunction with the Enigmail extension allows you to encrypt email using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption scheme. Some years back, Lifehacker put together this excellent tutorial on setting it up on your computer.

Basically, you need to install the windows binary of GnuPGP, install the Enigmail extension, and generate your public/private key pair.

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Else, why not use GnuPG to encrypt it ?

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+1 for GPG..... – liori Nov 28 '09 at 14:46

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