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The Play/Pause, Stop, SkipForward and SkipBackward keys on my CM Quickfire TK keyboard have suddenly stopped working. These keys were working before, I don't know what has changed to make them not work.

All other special function keys such as mute and volume control still work correctly. I believe these other keys work because they control the OS volume, and do not send commands to applications.

These media keys do not work in any media player I have tried (FB2K, VLC, MPC).

I have already tried using the method described here, to no result.

Any ideas?

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Have you tried installing the drivers from the manufacturer? –  Moses Jun 3 at 15:43
There are no drivers - it is a simple keyboard. –  BenAdamson Jun 3 at 18:29
Do you have the Fn lock on or off? See the manual. The first section describes the locking function for the function keys. –  Moses Jun 3 at 19:50
It does not work with the function lock either on or off. –  BenAdamson Jun 3 at 20:36

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This happened to me recently with my work Dell keyboard. The culprit was the Google Play Music browser extension for Chrome. I disabled it, and my media keys are now working with Windows Media Player on Windows 8.

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Thanks, this fixed it! –  BenAdamson Aug 8 at 15:29

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