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I'm currently using Synergy 1.5.0 for Windows to control four realtime audio/video machines. I'm sharing the mouse and a special color-coded keyboard that I made to run various shortcuts.

The hotkeys that I have set up send single keystrokes (normally the same key) from the server to whichever specific client I want for that function. For example, a series of F-keys goes only to my video processor, a few others only to my audio processor, and so on. But I have hotkeys assigned to alphanumeric keys as well.

The problem I've run into is that with a keyboard full of shortcuts (using the alpha keys), I can't actually type anything as if I had a "real" keyboard when the need arises. When I try of course, any time I hit an alpha key that's a shortcut it does whatever it's supposed to remotely. That makes part of the keyboard sharing worthless, as I would have to have keyboards on each machine anyway in order to type filenames, etc. If I go to the server and turn synergy off, I can use the alpha keys normally, but obviously only on the server, as the keystrokes are no longer shared with the clients.

I am doubtful that such a thing exists, so perhaps it might be something to look forward to in future versions, but is there a way to have one special hotkey (either fixed or configurable) to turn all other hotkeys on/off? If I could just hit something like tilde, and it would only turn off other hotkeys, I would still be sharing keystrokes and be able to type on remote machines using a single keyboard, then go back to hotkeys mode when I'm done.

The ability to do this would put synergy far ahead of any other keystroke sharing/shortcut software in existence, in my opinion.

On the off chance that this can already be done, does someone know how to do it with a custom config file?

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