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The sysadmins at work are stubbornly refusing to turn on IMAP support in the company's Exchange server. As a Linux user I then tried to get Evolution to talk to EWS, but I'm seeing some rather strange behaviour. Unfortunately I can't really determine where the problem is. My nagging at the sysadmins about IMAP in the past also makes me want to explore this a little bit more myself before bothering them with it.

In Evolution I can, seemingly successfully, configure an EWS account. It does fetch the OAB URL (or whatever it's called) and everything seems fine. After the configuration procedure there is no account though. It's just not there!

I'm thinking this is either a problem in evolution or in the exchange server. (I don't know much about exchange configuration, but I do know that our sysadmins are rather clueless too. They activated IMAP, but didn't configure it to allow logging in. If something like that is even possible with EWS there is a real risk they've done that.)

So, is there some way, as a client, to check whether EWS is properly configured? (Or maybe that's what Evolution does during the account configuration already.)

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