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I've tried to install a Kingston DDR3 8GB Apple ValueRAM on a Gigabyte B75N MiniITX board, but it won't boot (black screen, possible beeping - no beeper onboard, no beeper pins).

Afterwards I tried it on another board which gave me the typical 3xBeep&Pause-Sequence.

I tried switching the RAM of the second board to the first and it worked. So both boards are working fine.

The Article is named "KTA-MP1066QR/8G".

Could this be a problem related to the voltage? (Actually it should be 1.5V on both sides) Or is it simply impossible to use this - so called - Apple ValueRAM in a PC? What else could be the cause?

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Researching the RAM you have specified I found an Amazon page which suggests that it is registered ECC RAM.

  • Registered indicates that is a special high-end type of RAM which is different to normal (unbuffered) RAM. Unfortunately the motherboard you are using will not work properly with registered RAM, it needs unbuffered RAM.
  • The ECC part indicates that the RAM additionally supports error detection and correction, a feature that your hardware is not designed for and may cause issues.

Basically the RAM you have is designed specifically for a Mac Pro which uses server-grade components (such as Xeon processors) and this makes the RAM requirements quite different.

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