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I've used CamStudio to record a presentation (fullscreen, 1280x1024, 45 min, no audio) to a small number of AVI files (10 files with about 800 MB total). Now I want to remove the initial and trailer sequences where you see start and stop of CamStudio. I'd like to remove some pauses during the video, too.


Could you recommend some programs for Windows XP that I can use for this task? The result should be a (small - at least not bigger than the original) video format that I can play back. I've no need to create a DVD etc.

Already tried

I already tried MAGIX Video Deluxe 16 (Trial Version), but it takes about 2 hours to just export 10 minutes of the video and produces about 2 GB of data for this.

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For basic editing, how about the built-in Windows Movie Maker? If that won't suffice, VirtualDub and Avidemux are both great for small editing tasks. Both support various different output formats.

VirtualDub and Avidemux are free and open source software.

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