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In our building we have a Viking Paging ZPI-4 Interface for our intercom. The interface receives data from our Asterisk Phone system via a Cisco SPA112 Port Adapter which has it's own IP address on the network and converts digital into analog. Asterisk plays the "5" tone and then allows the user's voice to commence over the connection.

Now, what I want to do is to play a wav file over this Viking Paging device using the Cisco Port Adapter. I know how to get Asterisk to do it, but I want to do this without Asterisk.

I want some kind of program that can talk to the Cisco Port Adapter and then transmit the wav file into the Viking Paging Device.

What kind of program do I need to get or make?

Viking Paging ZPI-4 Interface Cisco SPA112 Port Adapter

Now, I found this link if it helps anyone with ideas. I also found this information, but I'm not sure how to apply it.

I also found this, but it involves an arduino. However, I already have the analog-to-digital convertor, and the Viking will handle sending sound over the paging speakers. I just need to know how to send the wav file to the Viking via the Port Adapter.

So far, I know my wav file should be formatted as 8bit mono, and I need to send the "5" tone to open the Viking Pager's channel.


I am trying to figure out if I can use VLC player to stream to the ipaddress of the Port Adapter. So far I'm not having success with that, and don't even know if it will work. Windows Media Player has a streaming option too.

I am thinking that since the Cisco Port Adapter thinks it is a sort of phone, that the only way this can be done is via SIP.

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