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Here is a video about how my requests are queued up in Chrome and how much time it takes.

It is amazingly slow:

  • More than 3s just for a DNS lookup
  • Around 20-30 seconds to load a page and also fails some files
  • Many requests are in "connecting" mode for a long long time
  • In resource panel you can see that chrome has more than 100 tcp connections

About my config:

  • Win 8.1
  • Wire connection
  • No app running, just that browser
  • 12 Mbps internet, as you can see in the speed test

What I've done:

  • Read some posts about this topic, but nothing works
  • Changed DNS to the Google ones
  • Talk to the free assistance from my internet provider and told me to call the paid assistance
  • Wireshark packet capture but I'm not a pro understanding what is going on but I have a lot of balck lines and some red ones lol

What I'm asking:

  • I would like to know what should I do before I should pay for internet service. They charge money if I call them, and is not cheap.
  • Any fix about this problem
  • Maybe tell me what is really going on. I know that bandwidth != throughput, so yes, I can download big files fast (1.4MB) but for small bits like in games or websites everything is slow.


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From the speed test you ran, you have a mere 1Mbps of uplink speed. Your ping time to the local server was 23ms, which is okay. I can also see in your taskbar/tray, that you're running uTorrent.

If you're torrenting, you're losing a lot of your uplink speed. In other words, your requests are fighting to get out to the DNS server and the other webserver amongst all the Torrent traffic.

Try throttling your Torrent uplink speed to 500 kbps by changing your uTorrent settings. (approx 1/2 of your 1Mbps uplink speed.) And see what happens. I suspect this is your problem.

EDIT 1: Your issue is symptomatic of high latency issues. You can trying pinging various servers at the Windows command line using the "ping" command. I can ping Google and Bing and get sub 5ms responses. Maybe you need to look for a closer DNS server. I googled https://www.google.com/search?q=dns+portugal+servers and manually enter a DNS server until you find a few with really low ping times.

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Well, when utorrent is running, no page loads at all, I'm already used to it. I will try your fix. But the problem is not utorrent, which is not running or is idle at the time of the speed test. The problem still persists. –  Totty.js Jun 6 '14 at 8:45
I added more suggestions... –  Pretzel Jun 6 '14 at 16:59
Thanks with my current settings I have 25ms ping for google.com I will try another DNS, if the page loads today. The internet at night is really really worse, more than 1 minute to load a page and fails everything. –  Totty.js Jun 7 '14 at 2:30
You might want check your connection quality here –  Vinayak Jun 8 '14 at 15:01

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