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I am using a Windows 7 desktop with 2 video cards and (2*2=) 4 monitors. I am looking at switching to a laptop. Do you have any recommendation for a laptop that would support 4 external monitors?

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I do not think any laptop out there supports four monitors out the box - perhaps you could get a dual screen laptop then use an external screen on top to make three, however this would be very expensive.

The other option is to get a few USB graphics cards, I can't really recommend any over any others, but if you Google, you will find hundreds of them.

Alternativly, I know people who have had success with Matrox devices - You could use your laptop screen alongside a TripleHead2Go.

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pretty much any laptop will support 4 monitors with the little help of external USB graphic cards, however, the mobility of your setup might take a minor hit :) – Molly7244 Nov 28 '09 at 21:36

Have a look at USB LCD monitors as long as you don't need 3D acceleration.

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You might want to take a look at Ati XGP. Basically it's a vanilla laptop with an extra, full-fledged external semi-stationary gpu, that you connect with a custom interface.

Edit: Yes, it supports 4 monitors, including the laptops.

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