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Is there any software which will allow my webcam to turn into a 3d scanner?

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what operating system? – studiohack Apr 12 '10 at 17:00
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Talk about timing!

I do not think anything like this exists yet, but someone posted a link on Twitter yesterday to a research project at Cambridge University - a program called Proforma.

It has not yet been released, but I think they are working on it / it will be out soon.

Here is the link to a review.

Here is a link to the official page.

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I think it would be cool to own a 3d printer like CupCake CNC made by MakerBot Industries. Their blog is a really interesting resource for DIY, fabrication, and 3d scanning. You might like the "Argon's DIY Scanner" video: I think it would be fairly straight forward to adapt to a webcam.

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Wil's information is indeed very fresh, as I also read about it just a few days ago.

But you'd want to look also at DAVID 3D Scanner, which is already available but more expensive.

alt text

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