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I'm hoping for more than just exporting the data, I would like to preserve the relation between the databases. This is for a friend's legacy database that tracks monthly fees from a list of clients.

I have the original FM database file on hand, but not the machine it ran on with the old version of Filemaker 2. Recent versions won't import it, saying it's too old.

If there is a Mac-only solution that would make things simpler for me.

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Here is an app that will open them and convert them. At least to something else, then you can bring it back in.

You might also want to track down a version on versiontracker.

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I eventually solved this by acquiring Filemaker II and opening it a PowerPC Mac running Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). I then took screenshots of all the field definitions, calculation formulas and layouts. Since the database only had 2 related files and no scripts, it was relatively easy, if tedious. I then recreated everything using a trial copy of FM version 10.

On an hourly basis it was cheaper than the $100 fmpromigrator, although I would buy that in a heartbeat if this was a paying gig. It seems like a very complete solution.

While I didn't try Daniel's solution, I believe it would have worked, so he gets the correct answer. I just wanted to post my solution as well.

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