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How can I set up a shortcut key for changing selected text to a preferred font in Libreoffice?

Preferred font in my case is Segoe Print

I have come this far:

Tools → Customise → Keyboard selected my hotkey for assignment (here Alt+x) then selected Format → Font Name

Pressing Alt+x now, after selecting a portion of text makes me do extra steps which I am hoping can be done with the original shortcut.

That is here I have to do Ctrl+A to select Times New Roman, then press Del key to delete it, then type Segoe Print, then press Enter. How can I automate this? Probably via another shortcut key?

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Consider using a character/paragraph style. Here are some tutorials:

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I created a custom style with Segio Print as the font, but it does not persist when I open a different document? – quickbooks Jun 9 '14 at 14:07

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