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Where can I find the original postgresql 8.4 config files for ubuntu (/etc/postgresql/8.4/main/*)?

Upgraded ubuntu to version 9.10. which included upgrading postgresql from 8.3 to 8.4

dir with config files is empty (/etc/postgresql/8.4/main/)

Completely removed and then reinstalled all ubuntu postgres packages (server, client, admin), but that didn't reinstall/populate the config files.

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If you're looking to totally reinstall postgresql I suggest you run

dpkg --list | grep postgresql

and then run

dpkg --purge <insert package here>

for each package that the list command returned (most likely postgresql-common and postgresql-8.4

and then reinstall using aptitude install postgresql, this will remove and then bring all the config files back.

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adam: thanks, this worked. The --purge must have done it since I had not used that option before. – user2897 Nov 29 '09 at 0:33

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