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I have dual boot Ubuntu 9.10 & Windows XP. Would like to do a full install of Windows 7 over the XP partition.

My assumption is that I can install windows 7, but it'll overwrite my boot files (from grub or whatever ubuntu uses). How do i set it back up so I can dual boot again w/o having to re-install Ubuntu?

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You can restore GRUB using a Live CD, but if you want a simple way, Ultimate Boot CD includes Super Grub Disk that provides the option of doing it automatically for you. There's a walkthrough here.

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thanks for the quick turnaround :) at grandma's house fixing her computer – Roy Rico Nov 29 '09 at 4:11

Guide restoring-overwritten-grub about using the Live CD.

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Just setup a dual boot from existing Vista to Win7/Ubuntu 9.10 with help of this article: This worked out very well. Pay special attention to assigning the mount point and the swap file definition.

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