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I have some VM stuff set up in my mamp instance, I'm using wp-cli in a bash to install wordpress instances, I wanted to add to this script a command to edit the hosts file based on a var.

sudo echo -e "\timtest\n" >> /etc/hosts

-bash: /etc/hosts: Permission denied
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See my answer to "How do I use sudo to redirect output to a location I don't have permission to write to?" from Stack Overflow. – Cristian Ciupitu Jun 9 '14 at 17:22
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I think the >> gets associated with the sudo command, not with the echo command you're trying to run. You run echo with root perms, but the shell associates the >> with the sudo, no special perms.

I'd try it more like:

sudo bash -c 'echo -e "\timtest\n" >> /etc/hosts'

(with a test run as sudo bash -c 'echo -e "\timtest\n" >> /etc/' for testing)

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