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This is one of those questions that has a million web sites explaining how simple it is, but for some reason I'm living in some edge case that is being difficult.

First the details:

Mac is running OSX 10.7.5, File Sharing is enabled, both AFP and SMB sharing are enabled, and both of the users that appear under SMB ("Administrator" and "Guest") are enabled for SMB sharing.

Both the Mac and the Windows machines are on a LAN where most user accounts come from a Network Account Server (OD).

From Windows, I try to connect to the shared drive on the Mac, and it asks me for a username/password, but nothing works. I've tried Admin/password, Administrator/password, Guest/password, and various combinations of my actual Windows login (crokkerb/password) which the OD server recognizes but the Mac apparently doesn't.

I am guessing that (1) even though I type in the correct username/password for the two accounts the Mac does know about ("Administrator" and "Guest"), somehow I can't gain access using those accounts, and (2) the Mac isn't populating the list of users (for SMB access) from the OD server.

Suggestions on what else I can try here?

p.s. Bonus points for a solution that lets me connect to this shared drive without having to type in any username/password.

p.p.s I cross-posted this with ServerFault 'cuz it kind of lies in both categories ...

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