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I am trying to attach a third monitor to my PC, however I am coming across a rather strange issue. Windows screen resolution is still only showing that I have two monitors connected, but the second has been extended over both the second and third monitors. Basically, it shows as the main display being a normal size, and the secondary as being twice as long as normal. I have my main connected via a the display port, and the second and third are using two of the three mini HDMI ports my video card provides. How do I get windows to accept my third monitor the same as it does my second?

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What video card do you have? – Cfinley Jun 9 '14 at 20:07
Wow, smart! Yes, we need to know the card. Also, do you have the latest drivers? Looks like there may be others & here with the same problem. – Julian Knight Jun 9 '14 at 20:40

This is a display driver issue. You need to open up the display driver's control panel (i.e. nVidia Control Panel, or Catalyst Control Center for AMD/ATI cards) and adjust it there. For ATI, you want to disable EyeFinity. For nVidia, I think it's called nView, but I'm not sure (I don't have an nVidia card in my machine, but I've seen it before)

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