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Does anyone have a really good tutorial or getting started guide for Microsoft's PowerShell? I'm a long time Linux/Unix user, and very familiar with scripting languages, command-line usage with bash, ksh and zsh. I'm an intermediate Ruby programmer, and have used all these tools for command-line file management and automation tasks.

I would love a "PowerShell for Bash Experts" guide if such a thing exists, or is on that level of detail.

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The second link to MSDN there - Windows Powershell Programmer's Guide, looks to be broken ... – Everyone May 18 '11 at 11:57
As a possible replacement to the second link, I found a link on MSDN labelled Windows Powershell Programmer's Guide. I never saw where the link used to go, but the title seems to match. Also, the Guide in the first link appears to be a subset of this one. – merv Jan 29 '12 at 20:09

I've found this guide to be extremely helpful. Mastering Powershell -

It's a free E-Book by a Powershell MVP that is well written.


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+1, I also found this one very helpful. – ThatGraemeGuy Nov 30 '09 at 16:28

I got started using the tutorial on powershellpro.

My only complaints are:

  • The navigation is hard to use (list of links on the right hand side)
  • There are a few errors and typos throughout. Although if you're an astute reader, you'll notice right away.

The teaching techniques I found useful were when they show how to do a task in both PowerShell and through regular Windows GUI (like MMC) and when they describe real-world uses for some of the scripts or commands.

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I found this is a very good starter guide. The eBook is free for download.

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I found this tutorial very helpful when I was learning powershell. I haven't gotten all the way through, so I don't know how advanced it gets, but I think it covers things fairly well.

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