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Is there an alternative tool similar to MS Reader that allows one to both publish and view ebooks in Linux, Mac and Win?

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Perhaps Calibre will do the trick for your needs. It's a rather comprehensive eBook manager/reader/converter.

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That entirely depends on the format you prefer, if you want to open Microsoft's proprietary LIT format and various platform, then Calibre (as per Mavrik's suggestion) is your best bet.

If you're willing to settle for .txt, .doc, .html, .fb2 or .rtf formats then i suggest Cool Reader. Version 3 is a cross-platform (Linux, Mac and Windows) open source E-Book viewer.

alt text

Cool Reader 2 is my personal favorite, but version 2 only works for the Windows platform, unlike version 3 it supports skinning, text-to-speech and MP3 export.

alt text

Cool Reader 2 is closed source, but free and portable.

Don't mind the Russian screen shots, despite its origin, the software is all in English. :)

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Just save your files as PDF. That's the most cross-platform you'll get (all OS + all phones, handhelds and web)

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