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The PC has 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, and Windows XP Home. The Norton Ghost included PC-DOS crashes/restarts during boot-up.

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because PC-DOS does not recognize the controller.

all, however, is not lost: you can, use ghost32.exe (which you can extract from the ASUS system DVD, IIRC it is inside a disk image called WinPE.iso) with BartPE, works like a charm.

and since your eee PC doesn't have a DVD drive, you might as well transfer your BartPE image to a USB stick, WinToFlash makes it a breeze.

Bart's PE builder and WinToFlash are freeware.

note: you need ghost32.exe, ghost.exe will not work in BartPE (or any Win32 environment for that matter.)

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