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After installing TeamViewer, I now have an Add-In installed in Outlook, which, supposedly, lets me create new TeamViewer meetings.

I never wanted to have that Add-In and now I want to get rid of it. Sadly, I can't find how.

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TeamViewer Option

The easiest way is probably to do it through TeamViewer.

  1. Start TeamViewer and open the Options.


  2. Go to the Advanced section and click Show advanced options.

    Advanced section

  3. Near the bottom of the panel, you'll find a button labeled Deactivate Outlook Add-In. Click it to deactivate the Add-In.

    Deactivate Outlook Add-In

Outlook Option

  1. Go to FileOptions.

  2. Go to the Add-Ins section.

  3. At the bottom of the dialog, select COM-Add-Ins from the dropdown and click the Go button.

  4. Uncheck the TeamViewer Meeting Add-In to deactivate it for your user account.

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