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I'm lazy and I'd like to simplify pasting links with spaces into a word document. I know it can be done by enclosing a link in chevrons:

<D:\my document.docx>

Is there a way to automate that process so you select the bit you want to link, press some keyboard shortcut and voila, it makes it a link with the chevrons to make sure any spaces are handled correctly?

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This can be done via AutoHotKey

You will press a key combination, it will copy and edit the value for you. When you paste, your desired string will exist.

EG, instead of pressing CTRL+C , you would press ALT+C to trigger this behaviour.

This is about the clipboard in AutoHotKey and should give you more than enough to get going

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+1 / accepted. I can see a load of other uses for AutoHotKey - thanks! :-) – Jon Cage Jun 11 '14 at 12:24

In case anyone else finds this useful, the following script will paste these links when you hit alt+v:

SendInput <%clipboard%>{SPACE}
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