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ok, tricky one:

i need to merge one field in an access 2007 database and merge it into one filed in a query. hard part: i need to keep the data that goes with the new records.


col1 |col2 |col3 |data1 |data2 |
1    |     |8    |90    |true  |
     |     |     |40    |false |
2    |     |     |90    |true  |
8    |4    |10   |100   |false |


1  |90   |true |
8  |90   |true |
2  |40   |true |
8  |100  |false|
4  |100  |false|
10 |100  |false|
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Create three separate but very similar append queries. With criteria in col1, col2 or col3 being "not is null".

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i have 7 fields like the col fields... is there any way to make this faster to do? – crazybmanp Dec 1 '09 at 21:48
Yes, if you were generating the queries in VBA code but otherwise no. Besides once you have the first query done the subsequent queries should only take a few seconds to copy and change – Tony Toews Dec 2 '09 at 1:36

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