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I have a Dell laptop running Windows 7. When running on battery power, an alert pops up when the battery goes below 7% remaining battery life. Within 5 minutes of hitting 7% it goes into sleep mode. I understand my battery is having a problem and it does not last for even 1 minute after reaching 7% remaining battery life.

I want Windows to show an alert when it reaches 20% remaining battery life so that I will have enough time to plugin my laptop to AC power.

Can any body please tell me if it is possible to have Windows show a warning when battery reaches 20% battery life remaining?

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In windows 7 go into the control panel, search for "power" and click edit power plan under Power Options. Then click Change advanced power settings You can then scroll down and change all the battery percentages to your desired settings as well as actions taken when these levels are reached.

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Thanks for answering,+1.I have set at 19% but still it alerts only at 5% – SpringLearner Jun 11 '14 at 18:04
I would verify the setting is still set to 19%. Other than that I would try rebooting windows. Another thing to check would be the systems CMOS/Bios settings to see if there are any settings there to try. Often times CMOS/Bios has a battery conditioning option which could also help you with your battery issue. – DemiSheep Jun 11 '14 at 18:14

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