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Is there a way to display page breaks (the horizontal dotted line) in Word 2007 within the Web Layout and Draft views? I am aware of the "Show all formatting marks" options, which isn't what I want as I don't want to see all the other formatting marks.

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I have just looked for you for the past couple of minutes and been experimenting.

It looks like whilst you have the option to manually show various characters, a line break comes under "Show all formatting marks" which unfortunately for you means that you also see every other mark.

alt text

Sorry - I do not think this is possible.

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this is correct for OLD documents. For new documents look at answer by @user35384 –  Richard Le Mesurier Jul 12 '12 at 12:20
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That is simple.

To display page break go to the Home Ribbon. In the Paragraph group, click on the Show/Hide option. That is at the top right.

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In Word, go to "Options" -> "Advanced" -> At the bottom drop down "compatibility options" and select "all new documents" -> Expand layout options -> Check "Split apart page break and paragraph mark"

This will show page breaks in all new documents you create. You can also do the above individually for older documents you're working on.

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this is correct - for all NEW documents. I have not managed to get it to work with previously created documents. –  Richard Le Mesurier Jul 12 '12 at 12:19
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Simply click on the View tab and click Outline. This will show your page breaks without all of your formatting. When you are done simply switch back to Print Layout.

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But the question specifically asks for the Web Layout and Draft views. So this doesn't help at all. –  Chenmunka Feb 11 at 19:09
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