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Can the Ubuntu Linux nvidia xserver powermizer feature use DPMS to trigger "Power Saving Mode" in my Acer LCD?

I switched this display from my Windows 8 HP machine to my Ubuntu Quantal Compaq machine. Power save on the Windows 8 machine worked fine - monitor powered off and woke up as defined in the configuration app.

In Ubuntu, only the display card shuts off - monitor is still lit and displays the "no input connected" floating box. That means it's drawing wattage. The Ubuntu box has an NVidia card with "Powermizer" which I assume speaks DPMS to tell the display to shut off. The display is an Acwer s201 and it features a "Power Saving Mode" that worked on Win 8, assume that's DPMS. Xserver driver from Nvidia is 304.116.

Unfortunately, 99% of tech board topics on this seem to be folks who want to -Disable- power saving features. Not me, I would like to save energy.

Is this an Ubuntu or an Nvidia defect?

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