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I'm looking for a laptop with a touch-screen and stylus for drawing/note-taking.

I've read the difference between the different kinds of styluses, but that's only half the story - what about the touch-screen?

How do I know if the touch-screen supports "palm-rejection"? Or if the included stylus is a capacitive stylus or a "Wacom digitizer"? Or if the screen will even support Wacom? How can I tell how accurate the touch-screen is (from my testing, some definitely seem to have higher "resolution" than others)? Is there anything else I should be looking at?

I don't see any of this information on, for instance, the Newegg specs page for a laptop.

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I'm not sure why the close-vote; if you read past the first sentence, you'll see this isn't a shopping recommendation, it's about the different types of touch-screens –  BlueRaja Jun 13 at 5:51
BlueRaja, why do you think it's been voted to close as a shopping question? It was marked as closed as it is opinion based. Any way, the answer is, you contact the manufacturer if it's not listed in the product spec/manual or on their website. This question, although well worded and clear, isn't about software or hardware, it's about how to find specs, which IMO is off topic –  Dave Jun 13 at 7:26
@DaveRook according to meta.superuser.com/a/5545/23668 this sort of question is on-topic: "However, a question that allows for a learning opportunity and that can be applied to various situations, of the form "how can I determine [for myself] which foo can do bar" has potential to be valuable." –  BlueRaja Jun 13 at 14:57

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