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For years I have been creating bookmarks in Google Chrome and now there are so many (around 2000) that I would spend days checking one by one to make sure that the URLs are still valid, and that the sites and or pages haven't gone away.

How could I automate checking these bookmarks for broken links and, ideally, remove bookmarks with invalid URLs?

I'm running Chrome on Windows 7.

Answering Rich Homolka: by "broken" I mean "kaput", not working, damaged, something that has ceased to perform the function for which was created.

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Website bookmarks? Which browser? –  ṧнʊß Jun 14 at 14:25
Hi Fernando. I rewrote your question to focus on the problem, not assuming there's a program to do it. You've indeed told us more about the problem but you still haven't even told us what browser and operating system you're using. You won't be able to get an answer without this information. –  slhck Jun 14 at 18:41
Also, what's broken mean? No website? 404? A huge subset of what you'd consider "broken" will be landing pages or redirects. A .com domain is too valuable to leave empty and a lot of links will be active but not pointing to the content you originally cared about. –  Rich Homolka Jun 14 at 18:56
@RichHomolka I'd presume he means anything with either a 404 response code, or host not found. For the most part, web sites that display custom "page not found" pages still send a 404 response in the header. –  Jason C Jun 15 at 6:40

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A cursory Google search for "chrome find broken bookmarks" yields the following plugins at the top of the results page, among others:

Bookmark Sentry: A bookmark scanner that checks for duplicate and bad links.

Bookmark Checker: Bookmarks Checker. Scan favorites for broken or dead links. Delete empty, and duplicate folders.

There isn't really a concept of a "damaged" page and, sadly, there's no HTTP response code for "ceased performing the function for which it was created", but the above add-ons should do what you want (scan for 404, 403, timed out, etc.). Bookmark Sentry looks to be the more popular of the two.

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Sometimes Google is better than here; compare the 30 seconds taken to find those with the 16 hours spent waiting for an answer so far. –  Jason C Jun 15 at 6:47

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