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What I'm trying to achieve is to have several programs (uTorrent, Sick Beard, other programs without proxy settings) directed through a VPN, whilst other programs (TeamSpeak server, possibly others) run directly through the normal connection.

I would run everything through the VPN, but then I can't seem to connect to the TeamSpeak server. There may also be other servers that I set up eventually.

I thought about just using the proxy on the torrent client, but Sick Beard also requires it to talk to certain websites (I don't think Sick Beard has any proxy support, so VPN is required).

I've found several articles about kill switches and firewall rules to block uTorrent and Sick Beard from connecting to the normal connection, but can this be reversed to block TeamSpeak going through the VPN? I imagined anything going through the normal connection will then go through the VPN anyway, making this reversal useless.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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