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I am getting the below error when I am trying to setup the gitolite.

FATAL: errors found but logfile could not be created FATAL: /home/git/.gitolite/logs/gitolite-2014-06.log: No such file or directory FATAL: die '' does not seem to be a valid ssh pubkey file

The below is my path entry


and below is the content of

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA38ppSoUC5OK6ivHKlRP3Xbk7ZfcOr4AdCdD75sJNL9fUbZx3ryW1Fsn7KJJ0d/8WgKHdjb1eNH1It16NkOfCOmCUHHCSUZVjfSjcnGDrKkqpiEYJa+IRgmKcAHgi6igMi6uHtOT207jYaUF8m9GGwl884Kx34G039an059ICpS2nGzrO5IbUdsHAUkQSS6WpBX0cBAkGouEdWb9MZKKhl15DOIQYf9IKrenlgzr99lIE0DCZRn14OOwIP3AnOGI0zCGFk6Gg4z60gF81DV3X399PUxZC0d/sRwnNjvRO7KEK+EqbXMSEi2Z9TI1H57TRNzZEXolE8WXSAd2ezfbfKw== gitadmin@linux-10

And I have installed gitolite to home/git/bin.. Can somebody helps me with this

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The PATH environment variable only allows search for executables, not for regular files. Perhaps if you have a way of specifying a full path to the file? – mtak Jun 16 '14 at 9:05
its able to find the gitadmin file...because if I give a path which does not exist it says "'' not a readable file" – FreakyThommi Jun 16 '14 at 9:19

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