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I've searched and didn't find any working solution for parental controls in ubuntu 14.04 .
The timekpr, gnome-nanny and modifying .pam settings don't work- I've tried them all.
What would suffice for me would be a script to count the total time spent per day. If time spent per current day is over 2 hours, then log out the user automatically.
Any idea of how to accomplish this?
Thank you

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"...timekpr, gnome-nanny and modifying .pam settings don't work" <-- care to elaborate? How do you expect them to work and what happened when you tried them? – thykka Jun 16 '14 at 13:06
timekpr and gnome-nanny - they had trouble with installation packages -missing dependencies. Mostly, I've tried the solutions from here , but those didn't work. – dola Jun 16 '14 at 13:27

Take a look at workrave ( It's in Debian repos too. It was intended for different purpose (to prevent yourself from working too much) but it has 'daily limit' option with the ability to block input. Of course some tweaking will be required to prevent your kid from getting around it.

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