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I was trying to install Ubuntu 14.10 from DVD on my machine where before i always had windows.

CPU AMD Vision quad Core
16 gb ram
AMD 7000 Series Graphic chipset

Created partition and set up boot with DVD-ROM, a black-purple screen appeared. Just logo is shown for few seconds before screen shut down and all it's impossible to use. Looking for a solution it seems a problem of compatibility with AMD graphic chipset. I found this solution:

Not without checking the DVD integrity before, i started following the above instructions and this time something seemed were happening... Ubuntu 14.10 was loading the installation but at some point the background became totally black when the loading was still happening. In another couple of seconds the screen turned off and computer looked shutted down as written before. I tried to install Fedora and installation doesn't start (same problem described above). Debian instead has successfully completed the installation but at the first start, screen turns totally black with the cursor flashing, as i should had to write something. Trying with Ubuntu 12 the result is the same as for 14.

Anybody may help me please?

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As this seems to be your first Linux, I would suggest you start with a stable version, like Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 7, etc. Apart from that, if your machine has some rather special (video-)hardware, you might have to run the command line installer. You can usually chose to use some basic VGA, SVGA mode and do the configuration and driver installation later. For Ubuntu you could try the alternate installers. – Nodebody Jun 17 '14 at 11:25
Thank you for the answer. This isn't my first with Linux because i got 13.10 last year on my laptop and i installed it without problem. How can i install it through command-line? – Roberto Rizzi Jun 17 '14 at 13:15
Have a look at the alternate installers: – Nodebody Jun 17 '14 at 15:06

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