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I got Philips 2.1 SPA 9300 speakers. Unfortunately, I've lost the external controller which connects the bass and the speakers into one system and then plugs into the PC/Laptop.

Having no controller I can't use the bass, so I'm left out with speakers only. However, once I plug them into my laptop the sound is very low. The laptop on its own sounds three time louder. I've played around with Windows options, but not much out of it.

I know this due to having no external controller, which would boost the sound and everything would work perfectly.

Anyway, the question is: Is there any way to boost the sound of the speakers? Any software you may be aware of? Like virtual amplifier etc. Or is there no way?

Thanks! The best answer gets cookies! :)

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Have you played with the Windows built in sound bits. One that might be of particular use is: Right click on "speak icon" on the right corner of the display Click "Playback devices" Under Playback Tab, click "Speaker -HD Audio Device" and then click "Properties" Under Enhancements Tab, check on "Loudness Equalization", then click OK Other than this an external USB soundcard would be the best route to go. Warning! be careful with the settings if you pull the speakers out as I know people to have blown the laptop speaker this way! – CharlesH Jun 18 '14 at 13:15
Thanks for the answer. Yes I've tried Loudness Equalization and it didn't help. I think I'll be alright without external USB soundcard lol. – Rokas Jun 18 '14 at 13:25

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