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I'm using Windows Vista, and I type English with the Dvorak keyboard layout, and I want to be able to type Japanese text that way, too.

I've figured out how to set it up to let me type Japanese here, but it uses QWERTY. What I've got so far is:

  • click the "EN" in the taskbar, and select "JP"
  • if the letter that appears in the taskbar is "A", hit alt-~ to change it to "あ"
  • type as if I was typing Romaji on a QWERTY keyboard, (e.g., left pinky home row, right ring finger top row), and hiragana appear (あお)
  • press spacebar to convert to kanji (e.g., 青), and return to accept

That all works great, but it assumes I'm on QWERTY, which isn't very comfortable for me. I want everything the same, but to be able to type kana with Dvorak (e.g., left pinky home row, left ring finger home row -> あお).

I can do this on Mac OS, so it's not an unheard-of feature. But it was kind of an obscure setting to find, so I figure on Windows it's probably a really obscure setting. :-) But I haven't been able to find it yet.


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Apparently it can´t be done directly, but you can edit the advanced properties of the Microsoft IME and change the series of keystrokes that generate each kana. A lengthy process but I don't see any other solution.

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I'm not convinced there isn't a registry key lurking somewhere that lets me do this, but until somebody figures it out, sadly, this is the best answer. :-( – Ken Dec 1 '09 at 17:44
This does not work as dvorak uses dot and comma for w and v, and windows IME don't allow me to enter those. Do anyone possibly have instructions? – Max Mar 16 at 14:16

I did this for chinese. I just did it for japanese as well. Heres what you do:

Using the following link by Michael Kaplan, please read it before you change your continue.

Start > Run > type regedit > press enter (registry editor will open)

Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Expand SYSTEM > Expand CurrentControlSet > Expand Control > Expand Keyboard Layouts > Select E0010411(japanese IME) > Export a copy for backup > Double-click Layout file > type kbddv.dll in the value data box.

You may need to restart your computer. note that E0010411 is for japanese, E00E0804 is for chinese.

Good luck!

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You are correct but after that, choose Microsoft IME, it will automatically use Dvorak layout – Oliver Salzburg Jun 4 '12 at 9:17
On my computer running Windows 7, the keyboard layout was 00000411 not E0010411. – Chris Vasselli May 21 '14 at 10:00

Have you tried NJStar Japanese word processor? Its like a simple word processor that lets you type Japanese (kana and kanji) using a regular keyboard layout

I can't find anything on their website, and I don't have it installed on this machine, but I believe there should be a setting to say what your keyboard setup is

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Thanks, but I'm not interested in a word processor. I'm interested in typing kana and kanji in my existing software. – Ken Nov 30 '09 at 23:14

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