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I am looking for a way to automate securely wiping deleted files from my server, including files deleted in shared directories by users on remote devices.

I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 on an SSD (ext4) with a RAID 10 volume (mdadm) (xfs) for storage.

The wiping could occur immediately after deletion or as a job that runs some time in the wee hours, the latter of which would be preferable.

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You do understand in order to delete a file, and leave no trace of that file on a SSD, it has to be encrypted right? SSDs handle their storage in a different way then your standard mechanical drive. SSds have extra cells and will decided which cell should be written to. This means it can when a file is written again relocate it to another cell. It also means that the file is contained within the old cell ready to be replaceed. –  Ramhound Jun 19 at 10:59

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